Vehicle Judging and Awards

Texas Tour Vehicle Judging and Awards


The 24 classes listed below are traditionally judged on the Texas Tour.  Classes may be combined, modified, or eliminated based on the number of entries or at the discretion of the sponsoring club.  First, Second, and Third place trophies will be awarded in each class for vehicles that meet the minimum requirements, and duplicate awards may be awarded for ties.

1. All steam, electric, high-wheelers                          13. 1939-1948 Closed Cars

2. All 1 & 2 cylinders                                                 14. 1925-1934 Classic Cars

3. Through 1916 with 4 or more cylinders                   15. 1935-1948 Classic Cars

4. 1909-1916 Brass T Fords                                       16. 1949-1958 Open Cars

5. 1917-1927 Steel T Fords                                        17. 1949-1958 Closed Cars

6. 1917-1927 4 cylinders (except Fords)                     18. 1959-1968 Open Cars

7. 1917-1927 More than 4 cylinders                            19. 1959-1968 Closed Cars

8. 1928-1931 Model A Fords Open                              20. 1969 through 1997 Closed Cars

9. 1928-1931 Model A Fords Closed                            21. 1969 through 1999 Open Cars

10. 1928-1938 Open Cars                                          22. All through 1999 Commercial

11. 1928-1938 Closed Cars                                        23. 1941-1999 Commercial

12. 1939-1948 Open Cars                                          24. All through 1999 Special Interest

.                                                                             (includes motorcycles, military …)

Special Awards

In addition to the first, second, and third place class awards, the following special trophies will be awarded:

Most Popular Car

Chosen by vote of the tour participants (a ballot is in your tour packet.)  Originally called the “Liston Zander Trophy”, it was named after the late San Antonio hobbyist who owned the state’s first antique auto museum.  He was among the founders of the hobby in Texas, and he was the Texas Tour chairman in 1959.

Jim & Jane Davie Memorial Trophy – Best Owner Restored Car (rotating award)

Determined by restoration excellence and the percentage of work performed by the owner (please fill out the form in you tour packet.)  Originally an annual trophy, this trophy was donated by friends in memory of Jim & Jane Davie, who were Texas antique car pioneers.  Jim was the Texas Tour chairman in 1965, and he was known for his big, blue 1912 Buick.

Winthrop Rockefeller Award – Best Classic Car (rotating award)

Best “classic” car driven on tour.  Donated in 1965 by the late Arkansas governor and car collector Winthrop Rockefeller, who also founded the Museum of Automobiles at Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas.

Pate Museum of Transportation Award – Best Original Car (rotating award)

Donated in remembrance of Dr. Pate’s interest in the preservation of antique cars in their original condition.  (Please fill out the form in your tour packet to be considered for this award.)

Walker Edwards Award – Best Commercial Vehicle (rotating award)

Best commercial vehicle driven on tour.  The late Walker Edwards was instrumental in attracting commercial vehicles to the Texas Tour, and he donated this revolving trophy to encourage their restoration and preservation.  He was known for a red 1906 Autocar with a calliope on the back – – the ultimate parade vehicle.

Beverly Slimp Award – Best Brass T (rotating award)

Best brass era Model T driven on tour

Beverly Slimp Award – Best Steel T (rotating award)

Best steel era Model T driven on tour.  Both of these awards for the Motel T were donated by Beverly Slimp, who was a Model T and Model A enthusiast who wanted to encourage more of these cars to attend the tours.

Chairman’s Choice Award

Originated in recent years to recognize the current tour chairman’s “favorite” vehicle in attendance.

Breck Wagner Award (rotating award)

Best Orphan Car

Kristi’s Choice Award (rotating award)

Best Car from the 1960’s.  Donated in remembrance of Kristi Dieringer who particularly loved cars built in the 1960’s.

Oldest Car Completing Tour (rotating award)

Car Driven Farthest (to attend the tour)

Car Trailered Farthest (to attend the tour)

Oldest Driver (driving antique vehicle on the tour)

Youngest Driver (driving antique vehicle on the tour)

Hard Luck